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This morning I opened my email and noticed a little 20% off treat from Fab.  Not sure if you have heard of this site, but it is one of many e-commerce sites that have popped up in recent years.  Just like Gilt or One Kings Lane, they are dedicated to selling a wide variety of products at discounted prices.  The reason I love Fab more than most, though, is the eclectic mix they offer their customers.  I mean, where else can your shopping cart include a year subscription to Garden & Gun magazine, adorable baby clothes, and a vibrator?  

Now I know my last post said I was bringing you gift guides next week, but I decided to get a jump start on things since Fab is offering 20% off (plus a $25 credit if you spend $150) for the next four days.  I just purchased a book that has been on my wish list all year, but if I could go hog wild I'd purchase tons more stuff.  Here are a few items that top my list, whether for myself or someone else....

iPhone Key Ring ChargerEarlier this year I mentioned how I keep my portable charger in my purse for whenever I need it.  What about men who don't carry a murse or those of you that might forget to take it with you on a daily basis?  The solution is this little gem that attaches to your key ring.  You'll never find your phone battery knocking on death's door again!

Honey Badger Flask:  I'm from the south where it is pretty normal to own a flask, or several, but a honey badger themed flask is definitely not something you see everyday.  Now you an excuse to drink like you don't give a damn...

Winter & Summer Shakers:  Creative, cute, conversation starters.  These salt & pepper shakers are everything your current shakers are not.  I keep thinking about how they need one made for course sea salt and have a tornado in the middle.  Then you can make it hail at every meal.

Wright Books:  My parents built a lovely FLW inspired home a few years ago, and what better gift than these books.  Whether you are just a fan of amazing architecture, love big coffee table books or consider Wright a genius in every sense of the word, these books are amazing...and you won't find a better price anywhere else.  I promise. 

Gold Piggy Bank:  I have been obsessed with this bank for over a year.  It cost a decent chunk of change (pun intended), which makes me want to empty the two jars of change I currently have, roll all of it, take said rolls to the bank, then go home and buy this sucker.  That is saying a lot, too, because rolling change is not my favorite thing to do.  Why does it cost so much?  Well, this bank is produced from a cast of a real pig (who lost his life from natural causes), and the result is a highly realistic scuplture.  It is part art, part bank....completely fabulous.  

Glasscape:  I had beta fish that lived 10 years.  His name was Xavier and he would have loved this fish bowl.  Hand blown "mountains" - each is one of a kind.  Not into fish?  Make a terrarium, float some candles, contain that endless supply of paperclips.

Infinity Scarf:  Hi, my name is Lauren, and I'm a scarfaholic.  Yup.  I like scarves....a lot.  They keep me warm and double as an accessory.  This one in particular is a cross between a scarf and a necklace.  My favorite is the grey gold, but the bold red is great for the holidays.   

Record Player:  I listen to vinyl, and you should, too.  This is a great starter record player, and I love that you can close the lid without having to remove the record.  This one plays all three record speeds, and features input/output cords.  The built in speakers won't bring down the house, but they still let you do a decent about of rocking out. 

Electronic Clock:  I may not wear a watch, but I really like to know the time.  This one reminds me of a binary clock, without having to deciper a code to tell the time.  You can also change the language in case this is a gift for your French boss or Eskimoian boyfriend.  

Arrow Earrings:  I really dig gold fish hook earrings, especially when they are dainty enough to wear in the day.  These are unique and the price is pretty awesome, too. 

Hot Pink Boxes:  Storage meets art.  These little cubes are part of MoMA's permanent collection, and that should be no surprise considering they have kept spaces tidy for more than half a century.  I'm finding myself drawn to pops of bright pinks these days, but they have tons more color options.   

What do you think?  Any Fab items you can't live without?  

This post is not sponsored in anyway. I just really enjoy awesome stuff.


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