Kiss the (Organized) Cook

Being someone who likes to cook, I realize that it is essential that the organization of the kitchen also translates to easily accessible.  Right now I am currently working on two kitchens for separate clients, that couldn't be any more different.  However, there are several go-to products that I would recommend for almost any kitchen.  

Take Out Menu Organizer:  I have had a take out menu organizer for as long as I can remember.  Mine is a discontinued fabric covered binder from William Sonoma that separates the menus alphabetically using divider tabs and sheet protectors.  If I was to recommend one that is still available for purchase, this version via The Spoon Sisters is the best I've found out on the market.  Of course, if you are in a DIY mood you can always make your own.  Simply buy a large 3-ring binder, sheet protectors or binder folders to store menus, and dividers to separate menus as you see fit (by alpha or food category).

3-Tier Acrylic Cabinet Organizer:  The clear acrylic makes this spice rack my favorite.  Why makes things look more cluttered by using white rubber or metal?  The tier makes it easier to grab what you need when you are channeling or challenging Julia Childs.   

Chalkboard Labels:  Etsy is amazing, and so are the massive amounts of chalkboard labels people sell.  Not only do they give my label maker a much needed rest, but who would have thought writing "Brown Sugar" and "Flour" could be so much fun.

Extra Fine White Chalk Ink Marker:  Ok.  So writing kitchen ingredients in regular chalk isn't that much fun, but it is when using a chalk ink marker.  The result is a more precise writing that won't smear, plus you no longer have to hope your chalk doesn't break and get all over the bottom of the junk drawer.  Basically you need this if you have anything chalkboard related.  If you don't own a chalkboard or chalkboard labels, then go get them so you have an excuse to use this pen.

Bronnley Lemon Soap on a Rope: Wow.  This is the most awesome smelling soap, and the packaging it so pretty I was kind of sad to remove it from the box.  However, this stuff leaves your hands feeling so clean with a very light lemon scent.  I shortened my rope a tad and hung it from the sink faucet.  Bonus points for finding it on sale at the local West Elm store, and scoring an additional 15% off for Presidents Day.   Side Note:  Bronnley made this soap so it could be used on the entire body, so I bought an extra to use in the shower during the summer months.

Glass Jars with Aluminum Lids:  These are perfect for flour, sugar, rice, etc.  You can find these same ones at Target, and can save 5% if you use the Target Red debit or credit card.  Not into having everything too matchy?  Try mixing things up by adding a few Mason or Ball jars.  Just make sure whatever you use is something with a screw on lid, to ensure the product inside is kept fresh and free from moisture and bugs.


Valentine's Day Indulgence

It is hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, when it feels like just yesterday I was ringing in the New Year.  I personally like to enjoy the holiday by indulging a little more than usual. 
Apothic Red 2008:  I am always on the look out for bargain wines that don’t end up in the pantry for cooking purposes.  I have discovered a few go-to wines for just this purpose, and this one has recently been added to the list.  At $9.99 a bottle and a score of 87 points, this is one that shouldn’t be passed up. 
Two Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush:  After years of trying different brands and shades of makeup, it is hard for me to stray from my staples.  However, the cute packaging and heart day hues made me give it a try.  I love that it has a slight shimmer and gives a natural pink flush.
TruBee Honey:  With spring right around the corner, so is allergy season.  That means that I am using honey more than ever right now to ensure I stay healthy.  Not just any honey, mind you.  Local honey is the only option for allergy relief (bonus points for supporting the local beekeepers).  TruBee is a Tennessee based honey that is raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized.  This means all the healthy nutrients, like enzymes and pollen, are not removed from the honey.   If you reside in another state, try your local farmer’s market or Whole Foods for honey made in your neck of the woods.
diptyque ‘Baies’ Scented Candle:  The French company, diptyque, is known for amazing scents and classic packaging.  Their candles are a bit pricey, but they burn for 60 hours and never use synthetic ingredients.  The blackcurrant and roses scented Baies is by far my favorite.  
Philosophy Amazing Grace Body Scrub:  The only perfume I have been able to successfully wear due to my allergies has been Amazing Grace by Philosophy.  So you can imagine how excited I get when they add new products to the scent’s line.  The olive oil based version is offered in a super sized pump bottle, so I imagine I will still have product left next Valentine’s Day.



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