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In rebranding myself (almost done), I have decided to change up what I blog about. I reason with myself that I'm more likely to actually write if I am actually interested in what I am writing about. With that being said, most of what interests me lately is organization with a focus on design.

That means decorative baskets that serve a purpose rather than just looking pretty; utilizing the space under furniture (think stacking books under a console table to maximize space not shoving things under your bed); and bookshelves used to display a collection instead of throwing in knick knacks for decorative filler (I am so over seeing well styled rooms without any personal elements in the mix). Think perfectly imperfect, while still maintaining a specific place for all your things.

When I think about all those things, I think about Leanne Ford. She takes very neutral spaces and layers in objects that make sense as both a design element and from an organizational approach. She inspires me, and that can sometimes be hard to do.



Stand with Us

When I moved to Nashville a little over 7 years ago, I had no interest in hockey. After all, I came from Arkansas where we have a love for sports that involve a ball - not a puck. However, the past year I really took a liking to it and now that the Predators are playing in the Stanley Cup Final, I'd say that I picked one hell of a time to be a hockey fan. With that being said, games don't provide a lot of options when it comes to looking cute. If I want to show my yellow and blue Preds pride, then I either have to give in and buy sporting apparel or start growing the yellow section of my color coordinated closet. Since neither one of those things is going to happen, you can imagine my excitement when I spotted this sweatshirt while perusing the Free People website. Oversized in the right sort of way plus in our team colors, it was too perfect not to buy. My favorite part is the subtle white floral embroidery, which adds a feminine touch to the masculine cut.

All Imagery Sheldon Magner

Free People Sweatshirt (Extra Small - extremely oversized)
Stuart Weiztman Sneakers (TTS, but old - check eBay & Poshmark for "Cyclist")
Paige Denim (TTS - currently 20% off)

Go Preds!
- Lauren

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