Grand Entrance

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Nothing makes me say "wow" out loud than when I enter a home with a large entryway. And for me, nothing makes those grand foyers grander than with a well-styled table. Think small scale round dining table that you'd normally see in a kitchen nook. Instead of chairs and place settings, you'll find floral arrangements, stacks of books, sculptural art pieces, and all the pretty little design elements that tell a story. Here is the round up of some of my favorite stylings, and a few of my top table options so you can create a grand entrance of your own.

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Marble & Mixed MetalsBrushed Silver Basket WeaveAcrylic & BrassWood "X" BaseFrench Wood;
 Rosewood with Gold BaseGlasstopped ChromeWood & Silver StudMarble & Brass



Just Write

It has been a while since I have posted and the fact that I start off yet another blog post that way is truly hilarious. I am working on some rebranding, and decided to hold off posting until it was done, but, if I'm being completely honest, that was just a copout. I have been procrastinating.

My reason for putting off writing is simply because I have been scared. I really desire to have a successful blog and to write a best selling book.  Please note that I said “successful” and “best selling”, which means I haven’t been willing to write anything mediocre. Problem is that I kept judging everything I would write and claim it wasn't good enough to post.Basically, if I had a dollar for every article that is saved as a draft right now, I'd be making it rain. 

Then the other day I listened to a Podcast by an energy facilitator that always inspires me, and she happened to be discussing writing. How does it get better than that? She said that if you desire the best selling book, you have to be willing to write a really crappy book first. Perhaps placing significance on the level of success of what you write is keeping you from success all together. 

Then I thought back to my Instagram account and how I’ve come so far in my ability to take decent pictures. Not because I woke up one day and just had this innate ability to rock my iPhone camera. It is because I stopped being scared to take pictures in public, even if that meant getting out of my car and standing in the middle of road to capture the red rocks in Sedona or snapping a picture of the front counter of my favorite coffee shop while 10 people stare at me while waiting for their order. Being fearless in that regard has changed things so much for me, and I have no doubt that if I apply the same attitude to my writing, I won’t feel like I’m failing. I’ll be growing, learning, and, thus, succeeding.

It is in choosing that we are capable of bringing more of what we desire into our lives, and choosing to not write is just not working for me anymore. So, I’m going to write – often and about it all. I hope you follow along. Should be an interesting ride.
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