Lauren Weintraub received her Masters in Tourism & Event Management from the George Washington University in Washington, DC. In 2005, Lauren returned to her native Arkansas to begin her event planning career.  Over the next five years, Lauren would become the Director of Catering for one of the most prestigious country clubs in the state and join the opening staff of the historic Capital Hotel, considered a beacon of Southern culture.

However, it wasn't until she moved to Nashville in 2010 and found herself confined to a cubicle, that she realized her talents were not limited to events nor would said cubicle foster growth of those talents.  

Since 2012, Lauren has focused her attention on developing The Solution Girl, a brand which offers organization, concierge services, and lifestyle consulting.  Whether downsizing homes, organizing the kitchen pantry, or repairing a vintage find, or offering advice on how to re-design your living room, Lauren's objective is to provide solutions for better living.

“In working with individuals from all over the nation, I have developed a system that not only works for events, but with other aspects of life.  The planning process can be daunting, and Martha Stewart's level of perfection doesn't make things any easier!  However, it is my goal to find customized solutions for all my clients.  There is no reason for you to spend tons of money on custom built closets; your to-do list does not need to cause you stress & anxiety;  and sometimes all you need for a better looking interior is to re-design what you already own.  The Solution Girl is all about finding realistic solutions that make each day more enjoyable, because life is too short not to."  - Lauren Weintraub  
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