September Mood Board

September is one of my favorite months.  Football season, my birthday month (loving all those free gifts & discounts from my favorite places), and slowly getting a break from the heatPlus, my heart is feeling so full right now - it is going to be my busiest month to date.  There truly is nothing more satisfying to see all your hard word start to pay off.

I have also made some major headway in making over my house.  I have been submerging myself in all things design, but have very little budget to pay with right now.  It can be a bit overwhelming, because there is really so much stuff I love and only so much of it I can afford.  Not to mention my 950 square feet of space makes it all that much harder.

While I have tons of color throughout my house, I am incorporating lots of black & white details in each room.  They are both great accent colors - but when paired together they make such a bold statement. Even a statement as simple as "Do Your Best" makes an impact when done in basic colors and typography.  

In other news, the big office makeover reveal will be coming to you this month.  I am so excited I can hardly wait.  It has been difficult to find any free time so it has taken longer than I prefer.  It might feature a few of the above items, so at least you can get a little peak at what is coming down the pipeline....

What does your September have in store for you?

VIA:  stash jar/vintage style key chain/shelter social club matchbooks/diy b&w chair/stendig calendar/washi tape  

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