A person with a cluttered home or office spends, on average, 1.5 hours a week searching for misplaced things.  Manage your time by having The Solution Girl help you determine what to eliminate, and assist with the actual discarding, donating or selling to prepare the space for organization.

Home Organization 
Organization isn’t about creating a Martha Stewart level of perfection; it’s about finding a place for everything and being able to locate things when you need them. The Solution Girl can help with living, storage, kitchen, and office spaces, just to name a few.  There is nothing too scary or time frame too daunting.  In addition to organizing each space, you will be given tips to aid in keeping things in their proper place. 

Decorating + Design
Whether you need help picking a paint color or want to have an objective perspective on where to place the couch in your new home, The Solution Girl can assist you with decorating and designing an environment you love.

Interior Redesign
If you’ve seen Decorating Cents on HGTV, you understand the impact of putting a new twist on your existing stuff.  Creatively reallocating furniture, artwork, and accessories already in your home for better function and harmony is a great way to personalize a newly organized space without breaking the bank.

Managing Papers   
Even the most eco-friendly office or home can have an onslaught of mail, school papers, memorabilia, instruction manuals, etc.   The Solution Girl can help you process the paper, find a proper system for it, and offer strategies on how to keep the stacks to a minimum.

Moving Coordination
Whether you are packing up to move or need to unpack post move, The Solution Girl can help with these overwhelming tasks.  Transferring utilities, securing temporary storage and creating organizational systems in your new home are some of the services provided.

Reoccurring Maintenance
All spaces need to be maintained in order to stay organized.  The Solution Girl offers reoccurring maintenance on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis, which ensure everything is kept in order.

Concierge Services
If you have an epic to-do list and find yourself needing help getting through it all, then The Solution Girl can help you blaze through it. Returns, grocery shopping, mailing packages, etc. It is like having a personal assistant, but not having to keep them on the payroll full-time. Use The Solution Girl when you need her so you can maximize your time and focus on the things that really matter. 

Reoccurring Maintenance
As a lifestyle consultant, The Solution Girl will help find solutions that work for you to ensure a better quality of living. This may be with personal style, well-being, healthy eating, time-management, home design, or starting your own business.  Sometimes getting a little assistance from an unbiased individual is all that is needed to get our lives moving in the right direction.  

Event & Wedding Consulting
If you are hosting an event, but have no clue where to start, then this is perfect for you.  This is a consulting session with you and The Solution Girl (and up to two additional people) where you can get all your event and wedding questions answered. Should I do RSVP cards? How much alcohol should I plan on people drinking? Does this hotel contract look safe for me to sign? What on earth is an attrition clause? Is it customary to tip the vendors? After 10+ years of doing events in the hospitality industry, you can guarantee The Solution Girl will ensure you have more than enough information to plan a successful event or wedding. And no, you won't find this stuff on Pinterest. 

Ala Carte Event & Wedding Services
There is nothing wrong with having a seasoned professional handle a few specifics. Reviewing your vendor contracts, creating a specialty cocktail for your wedding reception, and addressing envelopes for your annual Christmas open house are a few examples of ala carte requests. This is a great option if your full-time planner already has plenty to do or you are handling everything yourself and need an extra hand. 

All services can be customized to fit your particular needs and budget.  Contact me for pricing and special package details.
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