Light My Fire

Summer is my favorite time of year.  Even though it is still spring and the weather hasn't yet reached muy caliente, I have been putting my grill to good use.  Here are a few of my favorite items used when cooking on the open flame.  Of course they can be used in any kitchen throughout the year, but the summer months put them into overdrive.

Gelled Fire Starter:  Great for my charcoal grill, and it doesn't add odor or flavor to food.  I also use this on my outdoor fire pit when I grow impatient with the kindling.

Black Truffle Sea Salt:  Ah-Maze-ing.  They probably need a 12 step program for this stuff.  Rub a small amount on a nice filet and you can skip the marinade.  Also great on grilled corn and veggies.

Bamboo Skewers:  Great for veggies, fruit or good ole fashioned s'mores.  I also find use for them in the winter months when I am in the mood for a little fondue.

Silicone Basting Brush:  Forget bristles for basting.  Those are incredibly hard to clean, especially if you are using oil or butter.  With the silicone, you don't have to worry about losing bristles on your beef when the brush gets worn.  It being dishwasher safe means more patio sitting and less utensil cleaning.

Pizza Grilling Pan:  My grill is like a brick oven, since it literally is made of bricks.  So naturally it makes sense for me to own a pan used to cook pizzas on a grill.  I love a good crispy crust, and this guy does the trick.

Herb Mill:  Fresh herbs make me happy, but chopping them can take forever.  It really makes no prepping herbs when a better solution exists.  Looking forward to making some honey marinated grilled peaches with fresh basil.  Maybe I'll even add some fresh oregano the next time I have a pizza on the grilling pan.  Um, can you tell I'm hungry?

Pot Holder:  This pot holder not only holds the pot, but holds your hand.  Genius! 

Does your summer involve lots of grilling or cook outs?  What are your favorite products?



On Monday, Boston was marred by horrible tragedy.  I find myself without words, but my heart is filled with love for the city and its people.  



Detox for Spring


While most people start their clean slate right after ringing in a new year, I tend to refocus my energies with the start of the spring season.   

In order to get more pep in my step and prepare for the impending swimsuit season, I have revamped my food regime.  The best part of altering what I eat has been the addition of delightfully invigorating juices.  A few of my favorites may sound (sometimes look) unappealing, but they are actually phenomenally tasty.  
Orange Sensation
Sweet and spice and all things nice, this delicious mixture will impress your taste buds.
carrot, orange, ginger

Green Dream
Try something different with this vegetable and fruit amalgamation.
Contains: celery, granny smith green apple, cucumber, kale, lime

Pink Pizazz
This interesting mix of fruit and vegetables is vivacious in colour and taste.
Contains: red beets, honey crisp apple, carrot and lemon

Mellow Melon
Try this alone or with a bit of vodka for an adult version of this sweet pink treat.
Contains:  watermelon, cucumber and basil

Try experimenting with different fruits and vegetables - anything goes!  You can even mix in a little aloe vera juice for added B12 and digestive system benefits. 


April Mood Board

Yesterday was the first of April, and a perfect spring day.  With the start of a new month and season, it seems like an awesome time to introduce something new for the blog.

Mood boards are rather popular in the design world, and I have decided to create my own virtual version each month.  Whether a new product, solution, or inspiring color schemes, It will give me a chance to put a creative snapshot of what I'm into at this moment, without having to group each thought into a separate category.

This month I find myself drawn to earth tones with a touch of pink - yes, the girl who owns more grey and black than necessary is diggin' pink.

I am planting my succulents this weekend, and would love to see more bridal bouquets filled with them.  However, brides might want to get a smaller, less dangerous version for the tossing of the bouquet, or they might end up with a few injured single ladies.

Right now I cannot stop thinking about adding small touches to things used everyday.  Vintage oyster plates would be perfect for displaying on a dresser or vanity, which could hold your delicate jewelry, pocket change, or other small findings.  Vintage pill boxes would be perfect for holding your mints - re-purpose the less than pretty tins they come in for something around the house you use less often.

It is not unusual for my phone battery to get to 20% by mid-day.  The perfect solution when I can't use a charger is the Power Mate Plus; the bright pink version is easy to spot in my purse.

What is inspiring you this spring?   
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