April Mood Board

Yesterday was the first of April, and a perfect spring day.  With the start of a new month and season, it seems like an awesome time to introduce something new for the blog.

Mood boards are rather popular in the design world, and I have decided to create my own virtual version each month.  Whether a new product, solution, or inspiring color schemes, It will give me a chance to put a creative snapshot of what I'm into at this moment, without having to group each thought into a separate category.

This month I find myself drawn to earth tones with a touch of pink - yes, the girl who owns more grey and black than necessary is diggin' pink.

I am planting my succulents this weekend, and would love to see more bridal bouquets filled with them.  However, brides might want to get a smaller, less dangerous version for the tossing of the bouquet, or they might end up with a few injured single ladies.

Right now I cannot stop thinking about adding small touches to things used everyday.  Vintage oyster plates would be perfect for displaying on a dresser or vanity, which could hold your delicate jewelry, pocket change, or other small findings.  Vintage pill boxes would be perfect for holding your mints - re-purpose the less than pretty tins they come in for something around the house you use less often.

It is not unusual for my phone battery to get to 20% by mid-day.  The perfect solution when I can't use a charger is the Power Mate Plus; the bright pink version is easy to spot in my purse.

What is inspiring you this spring?   

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