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Last night I was trying to do a bit of technology related organization - cleaning out my email folders, unsubscribing from junk mail, sorting my bookmarks, etc.  Problem with doing online organization, though, is that staying on task can be a bit of a challenge if you don't stay focused.  After about an hour of cleaning up the ole laptop, the internet sucked me into it's black hole of what I like to call "cool things to look at until that moment you realize you wasted the last three hours of your life checking out pointless stuff."  That is usually when I decide to close 'er down, but not before I have added 20 more things to my Etsy favorites.  At least I'm not looking at cat videos on You Tube (I'm saving that for when I'm in my 40's).     

Last night was different, though.  I ended up looking at a series of photography based bookmarks that I had saved over the past year - deciding which to keep and which to purge.  It actually made my night, and was a breath of fresh air to see pictures featured on something other than Instagram.  Don't get me wrong.  I love how at any moment of the day, I can see a picture of just about anything taken by someone just about anywhere.  These sites were different, though....

I absolutely love this series called Dear Photograph by Taylor Jones.  As a child, I would look through my parents childhood photos for hours; anytime I was visiting either of my grandparents, I would always ask if I could see their old albums.  This site makes me want to visit those places in some of those old photos, then capture a new memory using the old one.  Very poetic and extremely creative Mr. Jones.  Well done.  Image via Dear Photograph

In combination with my love affair of photographs, there is also my weird love for VW Vans & CampersThere is definitely something intriguing about the idea of seeing the beauty of the world via van.  Don't get me wrongI like my home with all its stuff - hot water being at the top of that list - but the notion of living simply yet experiencing immensely gives me wanderlust badlyI'm sure after a while I might want to check into a hotel, but the vee dub adds a level of cool.  I can at least dream, and the Van Life website assists in filling the void. Images via Van Life

Andy Warhol is a genius.  Sure, that movie Factory Girl made him look like a huge jerk, but in terms of his artistic ability he is incomparable.  Little did I know, that his silk screen pop art was inspired by his Polaroid sessions with a slew of iconic celebs of the 70s and 80s.  You have to scroll through the images.  I am tempted to get a framed print of the Jagger one....and take a look at OJ Simpson.  He actually looks like a cool dude.  That's the thing about polaroids; everything automatically looks better.  It adds a grainy vintage hue to any shot, even if you took it last week.  That, folks, really makes me happy.  Images via Andy Warhol; Top of Page Image via Jen Gotch

oh....and for good measure, check out the Back to the Future series by Irina Werning.  Recreating today the photo memories from years past.  Like this one from London 1976 & 2011.  Genius.  

What sort of stuff do you find yourself checking out online?  Do you go on for a specific purposes and later catch yourself just browsing?

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