Holiday Gift Giving

I'm back from a long weekend, and feeling under the weather.  It was fun having company, but rest was not something on the weekend agenda.  Two concerts, great food and drinks, and lots of shopping.  It all got me thinking about my holiday gift list for others (and the wish list I have for myself).  With that being said, next week I am going to put out a series of gift lists to help you get a jump start on your shopping.  There will be one for kids, women, men, hostess and my own personal list - that last one is more of a wish list than what I am actually giving myself.

For good measure, I will include any coupon codes I find for the items on the list.  You can also bet I'll find the lowest price out there for the items on the list.  No sense in paying more for what you want to give (or get), when you don't have to.

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