Friday Finds: Knoll Pollock Chair

For the past two years I've been slowly doing design renovations on my home. Everything from plantation shutters to paint colors to ceiling fixtures to home furnishings. I started my business without any startup help from others and have no significant other in which to split the bills, so the process is taking longer than I would prefer. Patience is a virtue, though, and I've got plenty. 

With that being said, I've managed to find some pretty outrageous deals on some pretty outrageous vintage finds. One of my proudest is a first release Knoll Pollock chair that was mine for the mere price of $150. Of course I had to drive 5 hours to St. Louis in order to make that happen, but it was worth it. Being that the first edition did not come with wheels and sat a good two inches shorter than standard desk chairs, I had to get my father to help me alter it slightly at the base so it could actually be functional for me. I'm sure all of you are gasping at that last statement, but that's ok with me. It will never not be my chair and this short homegirl was tired of sitting on pillows just to check her email. Plus, I think it is a much greater travesty to see DIY bloggers slapping chalk paint on top of beautiful mid century wood furniture. Even Annie Sloan herself is probably shaking her head in disappointment.  But I digress.

Knoll was a genius, and his Pollock chair is and always will be one of my absolute favorites. That should come as no surprise, since 50 years after its release it is still an international best seller. If you google "Pollock Chair", you'll usually come up with more than enough images of it in office spaces. However, I like seeing it in unexpected places. Think dining rooms, breakfast nooks, or even an unexpected twist to a living room. The possibilities are endless.

My Knoll - first on right

HelloSukio via CocoKelley


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