Storage Solution: Vintage Lockers

My style has always been a bit eclectic, which is why I love using vintage items around my home.  My main vintage go-to in regards to storage are lockers (and locker baskets), since they are incredibly sturdy and have a wide range of uses.

My newest client recently moved into home after extensive renovations.  Lucky for me, we have a very similar design style.  During the assessment, every closet, unique corner, and cabinet felt like it would be perfect for some vintage lockers. 

If vintage isn't your thing, then check here, here, here and here to find new options that accomplish basically the same thing.  For vintage selections, I'd check out your local flea markets/antique stores or hit up Etsy & eBay.

Here are a few lockers and locker basket inspirational images to get you thinking outside the (boring plastic) box. 

crafting decor is categorized and stored in galvanized metal & wire locker baskets

who needs one basket when you can have the whole set - kitchen & general storage get a unique touch

children's books are kept contained and tidy with vintage wire locker baskets

wire baskets become floating shelves for cookbooks; bathroom towels find a home in a wire basket spray painted white; saving past zines are kept organized; entry way shoes are anything put sloppy in a vintage basket

remove the top three doors and paint a fun shade of coral for a truly unique piece

All Images via Pinterest


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