Springing into a New Season

Hello, Spring!  Hard to believe that the long winter that seemed like it would never end has finally ended.  Of course, I feel extremely lame that I haven't written anything since February.  Right after my last post, I was in a car accident, which happened while I was in the middle of two very large client projects.  Good news is that my vehicle has since been fixed and both clients are extremely happy.  That was basically the rest of February.  

Fast forward through March - I finished painting my house (well, almost finished), bought a vintage dresser I've been drooling over for years, learned how to patch holes with plaster, finished painting my custom designed desk, finalized designs for my custom coffee table, created one hell of an antipasto platter for a client event, put up new shelving in several closets, and had a fun weekend playing hostess to my lovely cousin (and friend).  

Then came April and the desire to inspire and be inspired.  My goal was to get done with my taxes, take my own spring break away from Nashville, and return revamped and refocused.  My break came in the form of a broken nose.  Basically, you should never ask someone to slowly slide a metal trunk down to you from the top of an attic, or, if you do, wear a catchers mask.  The past two weeks have been sort of a blur, which is good considering I haven't looked so hot.  Of course, all of this has made me more aware of a few things:

 1.  Q-tips are awesome. 
 2.  Straws are really awesome.
 3.  Don't stare; it's rude. 
 4.  It's extremely hard to play up your eyes with a splint on your nose.
 5.  Etsy should be avoided when on pain medication.
 6.  Baby wipes really are the next best thing to soap and water.
 7.  Ceiling projects might happen when forced to rest on your back.
 8.  Everyone should have Netflix.
 9.  Things like blowing your nose and wearing sunglasses should not be taken for granted.
10.  Vodka helps (a lot).

Here's hoping you enjoyed your spring break vacation and started this new season on a high note!  

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