Ice Ice Baby

When summer rolls around, my cocktails get kicked up a notch.  Fresh herbs, fruit and simple syrup can be found floating in my beverages, but who says the fun has to stop there.

My newest thing is making ice from all the fabulous things I find at the farmers market, condiment aisle at Kroger or my humble garden.  Here are three recipes to add a little kick to your cocktails; umbrella in your drink is optional.

Add 1 maraschino cherry to each section of an empty ice cube tray*
Fill tray with water once cherries are all positioned.  
Freeze overnight.

These are super easy and add a little edible treat once the ice melts.  Add them to vodka, bourbon, lemonades, etc.   

*If you want them to be perfect little cherry balls, be sure to use the round push out ice cube tray by Chef Craft.  The pliable silicone bottoms on each individual divot make it simple to pop out the gumdrop shaped cubes. 

Honey Ginger Mint 
Pour fresh ginger juice into empty ice cube trays until each section is 3/4 filled.
Add a drop of local honey to each section of the ice cube tray.
Chop fresh mint and add a pinch to each section of the ice cube tray.
Freeze overnight.

These are great in mint juleps, limeades, and iced teas.  You can leave out the mint and serve bourbon on the rocks with a ginger honey twist - the taste of the drink will change as your ice melts!

Red, White & Booze 
Puree strawberries until you can fill 1/3 of each section of the ice cube tray.
Allow layer to freeze, about 1 hour.
Pour coconut water on top of the strawberry puree, leaving 1/3 of each section free for blue layer.
Allow layer to freeze, about 1 hour.
Pour Blue Curacao* until each section is filled to the top. 
Allow ice cubes to freeze no less than 4 hours before serving.

These are perfect little cubes to add to vodka and soda cocktails served on the Fourth of July.  Keep the beverage clear to ensure your hard work is seen clearly in the glass.

*Booze does not naturally freeze, so you need to stick to products no more than the 50-60 proof range (25-30% alcohol by volume).


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