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As an organizer, I get to see what most people don't see when they enter the home of someone else. The bins, boxes and closets full of what people have collected over the years. Not all of what gets collected is a actual collection, though. But every once in a while I find someone who has an actual complete collection of something  - vintage glass bottles, blown glass figurines, sports memorabilia, etc. What I tell those clients is to find one place to keep all those things and own it. I recommend not keeping a collection in a box, because then you have to question why you even collected it in first place. Build a case, buy a cabinet, or find a spare shelf to house it all. A collection is not a collection unless together. I have gathered a few photos to inspire you on how to display your own collection so you can think outside the box, literally.



Beamingly Yours

Rustic Vibes via Country Living
Exposed beams have always been one of my favorite design aspects. Whether aged wood or painted white, I love them all. I have dreams of renovating this little ranch of mine and adding them to a second floor. Until then, I can drool over the gems on the web and across social media.

Statement Windows Add Extra Bang for Your Beam via View from 5'2

Simple Lighting for a Big Statement via Turbulences Deco

Almost Invisible Via Loom & Kiln
Splash of Color in Design Contrasts the White Beams Via Alida and Miller

Pop of Color in the Form of Aged Wood Via Remodelista

Ragged Beams and Simplistic Art Via Architectural Digest

Honey Wood Balances Jewel Toned Blue via My Domaine
Skylight + Beams Via My Domaine

You Won't Want to Leave the Bath via Instagram
Paris Perfection (Above & Below) Via My Domaine

Dreamy Beams that Match Open Shelving Via Style Files
Beams Mixed with Metal Via Remodelista



Radiating Love

Old homes really are my jam, but not just any old home. One with amazing details - crown molding, crystal door knobs, hardwoods throughout, and every now and again a good old radiator. Now, don't get me wrong, I do not prefer a working radiator over a more modern heating system. However, a home with a radiator (whether woking or not) really does have charm that can not be purchased new. Whether you choose to use it as a vanity, bar, or just a way to add a pop of color, it is a built in design statement without having to buy a single thing. 

All Images via Pinterest 
See @thesoltuiongirl for more


Design Focus: Leanne Ford Interiors

In rebranding myself (almost done), I have decided to change up what I blog about. I reason with myself that I'm more likely to actually write if I am actually interested in what I am writing about. With that being said, most of what interests me lately is organization with a focus on design.

That means decorative baskets that serve a purpose rather than just looking pretty; utilizing the space under furniture (think stacking books under a console table to maximize space not shoving things under your bed); and bookshelves used to display a collection instead of throwing in knick knacks for decorative filler (I am so over seeing well styled rooms without any personal elements in the mix). Think perfectly imperfect, while still maintaining a specific place for all your things.

When I think about all those things, I think about Leanne Ford. She takes very neutral spaces and layers in objects that make sense as both a design element and from an organizational approach. She inspires me, and that can sometimes be hard to do.



Stand with Us

When I moved to Nashville a little over 7 years ago, I had no interest in hockey. After all, I came from Arkansas where we have a love for sports that involve a ball - not a puck. However, the past year I really took a liking to it and now that the Predators are playing in the Stanley Cup Final, I'd say that I picked one hell of a time to be a hockey fan. With that being said, games don't provide a lot of options when it comes to looking cute. If I want to show my yellow and blue Preds pride, then I either have to give in and buy sporting apparel or start growing the yellow section of my color coordinated closet. Since neither one of those things is going to happen, you can imagine my excitement when I spotted this sweatshirt while perusing the Free People website. Oversized in the right sort of way plus in our team colors, it was too perfect not to buy. My favorite part is the subtle white floral embroidery, which adds a feminine touch to the masculine cut.

All Imagery Sheldon Magner

Free People Sweatshirt (Extra Small - extremely oversized)
Stuart Weiztman Sneakers (TTS, but old - check eBay & Poshmark for "Cyclist")
Paige Denim (TTS - currently 20% off)

Go Preds!
- Lauren

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